Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I hate gaining!

Vacation overwhelmed me with temptation and I was extremely weak. Now that I'm back in Alaska I have to work hard to take off the weight I've gained. I need more will power when it comes to yummy foods. Also, with my issues due to pcos I REALLY need to buckle down again. I was doing SO well that I'm ashamed how easily I through out my healthy habits (some days) once back home. I'm glad my father will be coming here to visit for 2 weeks at the end of the month so I can spend more time at the gym. Right now workout is 20-30 minutes a day with a calorie intake of 1500 again. I plan to meet up with my dietitian to create a healthy diet to help manage weight loss and keep off weight in a better way. Though my plan before was working well, I want to help lose the weight I gained and continue my weight loss journey. Though I'm still less then my pre-pregnancy weight, it's a terrible weight for my body type.

I wish I wasn't the person with PCOS (hormonal issues) on top of being a food lover. I love the taste of food, but I hate that it can be unhealthy/bad for you. Damn tasty food and my inability to resist it on hard days! I have a feeling I will be needing to find better ways to help fill voids. Food just makes me fat, which in return makes me feel worse in the long run. What kind of logic is that? "I'm depressed, let me eat, then gain weight and become more depressed"?! It's just stupid! I shall conquer this!

Monday, May 2, 2011

40lbs down!

Woooo hoooo! I'm on a roll! I'm hoping with more exercising the next couple months that I'll lose more monthly to reach my goal by Kaylin's 1 year birthday. With my surgeries in April it made it really difficult to work out so I was afraid I would gain. I did go up 3lbs 2 weeks ago but went down 8lbs since, so it worked out! I have to admit I gained probably because I ate out.

I'm dreading our trip back east for the same reason. We plan to go out more then we usually would because we'll be able to have food we miss. I'm hoping as long as I work out while there that I can minimize the weight gain for vacation. Bleh! Of course the responsible thing to do would be to not eat out.. but that's crazy talk! I can't go home and miss out on Olive Garden and other awesome restaurants we don't have here! So I expect over the next month to either stay the same or gain. I'm okay with that as long as I can make up for it in June. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


When trying to find healthy recipes I could try I discovered the Mayo Clinic had recipes. I go on there all the time to research but never knew they had this section! They have several categories for recipes but the one I use is Weight management. Since I've been busy I haven't reviewed any recipes yet but plan to this upcoming week. A lot of their stuff sounds super yummy. Also, I love that they give the nutritional facts so you know how many calories you're taking in.


My allowed daily calorie intake is 1500 with working out. I generally don't take in more then 1200 with snacks. Not going to lie.. I haven't worked out in a week due to feeling sick and in pain. I'm not sure how well I'll work out next week after my gallbladder surgery but I'll at least get on the treadmill. Since I haven't worked out in a week I unfortunately haven't lost anymore weight but luckily haven't gained either. I have however lost 2 inches around my waist since I last checked 2 weeks ago. ;)

Adam and I are looking into getting a fancy scale that will help me keep track of weight loss and BMI. Right now since we don't have a scale I find out when I go to the doctors lol. I told myself a year ago that I would focus more on inches lost then weight lost because you can gain muscle. I ALWAYS have made myself feel bad if I look on the scale and see I've gained or stayed the same while trying to lose. So now I focus more on measurements and try not to get bothered by what the scale says. In the end I know I'll reach my goal. :)

Anyway, just wanted to share the recipe site. I'll post what we've tried so far later.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weight Loss.

I made this blog to be used for my weight loss journey. I'll try my best to post recipes I've tried as well as apps I use to keep things on track. I'll also post calorie intake along with work out routine. Hoping this keeps me honest on my weight loss as well as help others figure out a good diet/work out to lose weight.

Wish me luck. I have 79 lbs to go!