Monday, May 2, 2011

40lbs down!

Woooo hoooo! I'm on a roll! I'm hoping with more exercising the next couple months that I'll lose more monthly to reach my goal by Kaylin's 1 year birthday. With my surgeries in April it made it really difficult to work out so I was afraid I would gain. I did go up 3lbs 2 weeks ago but went down 8lbs since, so it worked out! I have to admit I gained probably because I ate out.

I'm dreading our trip back east for the same reason. We plan to go out more then we usually would because we'll be able to have food we miss. I'm hoping as long as I work out while there that I can minimize the weight gain for vacation. Bleh! Of course the responsible thing to do would be to not eat out.. but that's crazy talk! I can't go home and miss out on Olive Garden and other awesome restaurants we don't have here! So I expect over the next month to either stay the same or gain. I'm okay with that as long as I can make up for it in June. :)


  1. Well, the good thing is, all the big chain restaurants have their nutritional info online. You can look up calories, fat, sodium, etc. and try to choose dishes that aren't super fatty. Another thing I do, is automatically split the portion I get into two. Most places serve ridiculous amounts of food. I always end up taking a doggy bag home (or put half aside, when we order in). Sounds like you're doing great. Hopefully the weather is nice, when you guys are here. You can use my pass to use our gym, or even just take walks, with Kaylin, or the dogs. Can't wait to see you <3

  2. Yeah, I use the nutritional info a lot when eating out. It's still always worse then what we can have at home though. I'd really love to use your gym pass when there! I don't mind walking though, just more I can do in a gym :)